Final Fantasy Has Such Beautiful Music

I don’t really listen to much music and by no stretch do I consider myself an expert on the topic, but I absolutely love the music in Final Fantasy games. As I gamer, I’ve noticed that RPGs in general have better soundtracks than other genres. Final Fantasy games though, in particular, have by far the best video game music. Nobou Uemetsu, who’s been scoring many of the soundtracks for the games is a musical genius. Not everyone considers Final Fantasy to be the holy grail of RPGs, but I don’t think there’s any argument that Final Fantasy games have the best music in the genre.

Final Fantasy 9 and 10 in particular have excellent music. In the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack, my favorite track is “The Place I’ll Return to Someday”. I think it’s fair to say that Final Fantasy 9 has some of the best music on the entire PlayStation 1. On the Final Fantasy 10 Soundtrack, my favorite two tracks are To Zanarkand and Someday The Dream Will End. These pieces are so powerful because they’re emotional. When I first popped in Final Fantasy X years ago, I loved the title theme, which is To Zanarkand. After beating the game and hearing the music again, I’ve grown to appreciate it significantly more. Someday the Dream Will End is also powerful because it fits in the game so well. I actually have the soundtracks to both of these games and listen to them regularly.

Final Fantasy 13 also has an excellent soundtrack. Nobou Uemetsu didn’t play much of a role, if any role in this installment, but it still game out great. The game itself was phenomenal, but the game’s music and graphics stood out the most. I thought Final Fantasy X had great graphics, but Final Fantasy 13 took my breath away. In the Final Fantasy 13 soundtrack, my favorite tune is Serahs Theme, which has great vocals. The soundtrack itself has 80+ tracks in it, and has many other gems as well. The music in the game was easily on par with Final Fantasy 9 and 10 in my opinion. The story in the game is great as well, but it could have been explained a bit better. But that’s a discussion for another day.

So why is it that RPGs in general have such great music? It’s not just Final Fantasy. I play a lot of other RPGs as well, and am a fan of the Tales series. Final Fantasy music stands out the most though for some reason. Know of any other RPGs with great soundtracks? Or even MMORPGs? Let me know in the comments below!


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